Do you like to sing?

Do you like to sing?

I can’t tell you how many times the audience (male or female) came to me after the show saying that they always wanted to sing “in secret”.

They may have dreamed of it when they were young. They may have started studying and learning music at an early age. But another time came to work, marriage or motherhood, and the song took the back seat and the car completely out!

The professional pianist gave me this tune; Doctors, social workers, sales professionals, guitarists, massage therapists. The list goes on. I will tell you. If you want to 강남 셔츠룸

“Sing now. Start now.”

Everyone should sing

I think everyone should sing. The benefits of learning how to sing far outweigh the cost of time or money.

First of all, the singing feels good to you.

Imagine the joy you feel when you sing a song on the radio? It can only be compared to a human effort with a song – with a sense of powerful sounds and rhythms flowing all over our bodies. We are different singers from other musicians. We are the special tool.

There are many benefits to singing

  • But there are many other benefits to learning music.
  • Learn how to be safer and fairer. (You feel loud.)
  • It changes your breath – it increases it. Your voice grows louder.
  • You will experience emotions that you do not even know.
  • Learn how to express these feelings through song.
  • You get the courage to sing in front of others; To facilitate self-identification.
  • It’s easy for you to express your feelings.
  • You can safely walk to the crowded room.
  • In short, you become fuller!


Then it doesn’t matter your age. This is the best time to satisfy your long-established desire to raise your voice in the song; Or sing tulips for your grandchildren; To record some of your favorite family songs; Feel that you have a voice.

But then again, you may find that your deepest desire to experience music for the rest of your life takes longer than you thought you could.

One of my students, Claire Duchessing, is 59 years old. She started singing three years ago. The desire to sing did not leave him. He is currently working on a second CD of classical jazz songs. The first response on the first CD (which I did) was very positive. He is about to start his second recording at a jazz club in Montreal.

Claire and I have the same attitude towards singing – “It’s never too late to sing! If you love to sing, do it now!”

Different needs for different ages

People in their 60s may have different specific problems and voices than those in their 50s and 40s. Every decade brings challenges and rewards. However, no matter what age you are, you have a life experience that you can share through music. In the world of jazz, blues and folk, remember that the old singer is still precious.

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