COVID Passport Verification- A Tool For Mitigating the Risk of Fraud

COVID Passport Verification- A Tool For Mitigating the Risk of Fraud


COVID certificate is an essential document that is needed by an individual as evidence to present before concerned authorities in different scenarios. This document signifies that a person has taken the required doses of the COVID vaccine and is now safe to go out in social gatherings.

Verify Vaccination Certificate

Acquiring a COVID vaccination certificate is not enough. This certificate further needs to be verified by a legal body to ascertain its credibility because there are cases reported in studies that throw light on the frauds being committed to creating a fake certification for this vaccine. It is because people are likely to be exhausted due to confinement in their homes for such a long period of time. This frustration has led individuals to look for alternative negative means so that they can get rid of their boring routines.

Frauds committed in COVID Verification

Deceptive practices are nothing new today. It is a bitter reality that unnecessary leverage and ignorance have led to an exponential increase in illegal practices of forgery. These actions have posed a severe threat to human security and privacy which demands to be addressed on immediate bases so that the situation can be taken under control or it may lead to drastic results otherwise

Fake COVID Documentation

In Australia, an application named Express Plus medicare was launched through which COVID certificates could be downloaded. This application had a major security issue that doomed its business. Fake verification certificates were downloaded through this platform which gave liberty to scammers and fraudsters to pass the process unchecked 

Vaccine Verification through Telegram

This app allowed many wrongdoers to sell fake certificates to people with handsome money. Later it was reported by a cybersecurity firm called CheckPoint and that group of people was handed over to the federal law enforcement department. Restrictive checks should be imposed on such entities so that health concerns do not get compromised.

Verification through Emails and QR Codes

Verification scams are increasing in the US as well. A fake email is sent to people’s accounts. The sender acts as a governing body because obviously, no one doubts official emails. Moreover, people are scammed through QR code scanning where they are fooled by the deception that the certificate is scanned through their device whereas, in reality, that is not the case. These fraudulent activities have led to identity compromise on a macro level. 

COVID Travel Passport

Travelling is not just confined to leisure or vocational purposes. It is needed for various compelling reasons. For instance, an individual willing to apply offshore for employment purposes will need access to that territory which is not possible in the new normal without a COVID Passport. Thus, similar to other sectors like hospitality and Universities, countries like the UK, USA, and Europe have started to introduce COVID travel Passport so that people could go across borders with ease. But it has its own pitfalls. People fear the fact that if this passport falls into wrong hands, it could then be exploited for identity theft and insurance scams as well. Thus, it is dire need of time to come up with sophisticated and promising measures which can ascertain to fight against all these alarming practices that have started to prevail in different countries    

Validation of COVID Verification Certificate

Fraudulent activities, scams, and security breaches in the COVID vaccination process have even blurred the line between authentic and fake documents because this scam has turned out as a whole business in India, Thailand, and Brazil. So now, not only a system is needed to address the issue of authentication but also, it has to comply with country-specific regulations and privacy standards. 

In this regard, many digital solution providers have come forward with competitive solutions to mitigate the threat of rising scams in this context. IDV solution providers have launched covid certificate verification and validation solutions which allow the AI-driven software to validate COVID certificates in real-time. This system is enabled to detect fake COVID certificates, missing QR codes, and any suspicious patterns that do not match the mentioned protocols and standards specific to a country. Artificial intelligence makes the process efficient and error-free which eliminates the risk of falling prey to fake verifiers. 

Final Verdict

Sophisticated IDV solutions are a vital addition to the healthcare industry which lessens the chances of compromised security of the verification process. COVID Passport Verification is made easy, accessible, and convenient with the emergence of digital AI-supported solutions which have in return contributed to the minimization of fraud and strengthened risk management in document validation processes.

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