Claudine Roura – What is a High Definition of Liposuction?

Claudine Roura

Claudine Roura says that certain parts of your body appear to carry on to fat no matter what you do? it is a common problem many of us struggle with, even those who are naturally thin. Liposuction has traditionally been accustomed slim these areas, but now there’s a complicated procedure referred to as high definition liposuction. But what exactly is high definition liposuction, and the way does it work. 

What is a High definition of liposuction?

High definition liposuction can be a robust body sculpting procedure that removes stubborn fat and defines the underlying muscles. High definition lipo is wont to contour a spread of body areas for both men and ladies. Popular treatment areas include the upper arms, abdomen, flanks, and back. 

High definition liposuction with VASERlipo

VASERlipo uses ultrasound energy to burn unwanted fat. it’s an outpatient procedure that may be done under general anesthesia or anesthesia with IV sedation.

At the start of the procedure, the surgeon will inject tumescent fluid into the treatment area to shrink the blood vessels, and minimize blood loss. Very small incisions are made around the areas being targeted, then the laser probe is inserted under the skin.

The ultrasound energy creates vibrations that divide the superficial fat, similarly because of the deep visceral fat that’s stored further below the skin. The loose fat is then removed employing a special cannula that’s inserted under the skin. VASERlipo doesn’t harm the encompassing tissue, nerves, or blood vessels.

There is also some slight swelling and bruising after VASERlipo, and this takes about 7-14 days to resolve. Strenuous activity should be avoided for a minimum of 3 weeks. Doctors may recommend massage therapy after the procedure to hurry up healing and ensure optimal results. A compression garment is additionally worn to assist the skin contract.

It typically requires one treatment with VASERlipo to attain the specified results. Treatment time varies counting on the number of areas being targeted.

High definition liposuction for men

High definition liposuction is the ideal solution for men that employment out regularly, but are unable to understand the defined contours they need. Despite hours within the gym, some men don’t achieve the coveted six-pack abs and v-shape torso.

Excess fat on the chest and midsection could be a common problem for several men, even athletes, and bodybuilders. High definition lipo can get eliminate excess fat over the muscles, so men can get the muscular chest and defined abs they desire. VASERlipo may be accustomed to define muscles within the back, obliques, deltoids, and triceps, for an overall ripped appearance.

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Benefits of high definition lipo

Only the deep fat is removed with traditional liposuction, but high definition lipo delivers comprehensive fat reduction by removing both superficial and deep fat, allowing physicians to sculpt a lean, fit physique. it’s also a less invasive procedure than traditional liposuction, therefore the recovery time is shorter.

High definition lipo may be a superior technique because results are seen immediately, and enhancements will continue over the subsequent months. VASERlipo also produces some skin tightening.

Is VASERlipo right for you?

If you’re healthy and fit but want to urge a leaner, more ripped physique by getting eliminate fat in a very few key areas; VASERlipo is also the answer for you. People considering VASERlipo should be in good overall health and have a good tone. However, it is best to schedule a consultation with our board-certified operating surgeon Dr. Claudine Roura, to seek out out if the procedure would be appropriate for you.

High definition lipo requires skill and precision to urge the most effective results. Patients should therefore choose a highly skilled practitioner with the specified training and expertise.

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