Check Shapewear, Bodysuit, and Shaper Shorts Comparison


So you have decided to take the plunge and invest in shapewear. But when you start browsing the website for shapewear black Friday shopping, you are in a fix. There are so many to choose from! So how to decide which one to go for? Each one of them promises to be the best fit and all. BUT, if you look carefully, each one is a different piece with its separate set of pros. Every type of shapewear has a different set of attributes that fit a particular type of outfit. So here I am explaining the three major types of shapewear.

Zip Up Smooth Firm Control Full Body Shaper

What are the different types of shapewear available?

  1. Shapewear: This one has adjustable straps for multiple types of wear. It has a double layer with four-way stretch that makes it very comfortable. It has an open crotch for easy bathroom access. It has smooth mesh on the buttock region which makes it soft and comfortable. It induces flexibility too. The silicone lining at the end of leg portions makes sure that it does not ride up during movement. The best part? There is no underwire! This means no wire would be digging into your skin and it’s going to be super comfortable. This kind of full body shapewear is what you need daily.

Full Bodysuit Slimming Shaper Front Zipper

What is the difference between bodysuits and shapewear?

  1. Bodysuit: A bodysuit is all-in-one shapewear. It slims your body, provides support, and boosts your confidence! Not only that, it helps you get in shape post-surgery too. It tones your abdominal muscles and helps you get rid of your flab. The inner layer of the bodysuit is smooth and soft which means you can wear it all day long. Also, it means it is easy to get into and get out of because of the smooth fabric. The front zipper with hooks is easy to put on and take off. It’s double-layered with breathable fabric. It supports the waist, hips, thighs, and abdomen and also reduces them during this process. A body shaper bodysuit is what you need in the postpartum and post-surgery periods.

Tummy Control Butt Lifter Shaper Shorts

Which one do you need?

  1. Shorts: This butt lifter does not flatten your buttocks but enhances them, something which is required when worn under a gown or bodycon dress. The fabric is skin-friendly and breathable and absorbs sweat too. So you can be assured of comfort. An open crotch design ensures easy bathroom access. It flattens the lower abdomen while lifting the buttocks area.


So, choose the best fit for you on a daily basis.

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