Broadcasting a sporting event

Broadcasting a sporting event

We have to be very clear about the type of content that we are going to produce, and then plan to decide what instruments we are going to need. For example, when broadcasting a video game, we have to plan to get a very powerful computer, a good microphone and a webcam with certain characteristics, among other things.

Some scenarios require more planning than others. If we want to broadcast a sporting event, the planning is going to be complex and it will depend on what we want to do.

We have to think about what plans we are going to cover to choose the number of cameras that we are going to use, think about whether we are going to record the audio of the event to get a microphone, if we are going to make more extensive use of the audio by commenting on the event to get a mixer with several microphone inputs, a laptop to connect all the peripherals (that has all the necessary inputs) and control the broadcast software, enough power outlets and much more.

Broadcasting a sporting event

Let’s imagine that we want to 해외스포츠중계 a football match in the most professional way possible. We need the following:

As many cameras as we want. One may be enough. The camera that we use must be able to connect to our computer so that the video signal reaches the production software. Many Canon and Sony cameras come with a utility to connect directly to the computer via USB and transmit the video signal. Thanks to this function, the signal can even be used as a good quality webcam. Too bad, if we have a video capture, we can connect the camera via HDMI to the capture and the capture to the computer to carry the signal. This method gives a much sharper image, but we add the capture step. We can connect several cameras and use the OBS to organize them, name them and create scenes with them.

Microphones: we have several options. The idea is to get a USB mixer (there are very cheap ones), with input for different microphones and analog control of their gains and volumes. These tables also bring Phantom Power, the electrical power necessary for the microphones to work. On the other hand, we can get hold of USB microphones and connect them to the ports of the computer. This, however, greatly limits the options and the range of man oeuvre. We also handle the audio signals with the OBS program.

A connection point: The internet connection is the most important thing to do a streaming. We can have a spectacular set, but without a connection to Kktv99, we have nothing. We can connect to the Wi- Fi signal of the establishment, use our mobile device as an access point or get a portable router (which works by inserting our operator’s card).

Others: Electricity must be taken into account. We need a thief that will allow us to plug in the laptop, the video cameras, the mixer (if you need it) and other tools. It is also advisable to be careful with the cables, so that we can separate the cameras and microphones from the equipment and from the power supply. Everything can also be done wirelessly, wirelessly between computers using one as the master computer. However, the delay that is added to the image and the loss of quality do not make this option so recommendable.

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