Book Bell Tents and Huts With Dartmoor Glamping

Book Bell Tents and Huts With Dartmoor Glamping

Are you looking for a place to stay where you can kick back and relax in the English countryside? Why not book one of our bell tents or huts just 10 minutes from the center of Chagford, which is situated on the edge of Dartmoor National Park; their location is perfect for walking, cycling, or simply relaxing. All our accommodation is handmade with natural materials in style resembling log cabins. We at Dartmoor Glamping offer various accommodation options, from our bell tent to the classic shepherd’s hut and even a caravan. These makeshift cabins are ideal for families or couples who prefer an adventure close to nature’s beauty.

Things Dartmoor Glamping Offers on Your Farm Vacation

1. Bell Tents

The Dartmoor Glamping tent is made from canvas and is of a bell shape. It was designed so that you could stand up and walk around freely inside. It is the biggest one, with plenty of space for your luggage.

This one offers a more intimate setting, hence the round shape. It’s smaller than the bell tent and can comfortably be home to two people.

This classic shepherd’s hut features a porch for sitting and taking in more of the surroundings. The view is amazing!

2. Stand Alone Caravan

One of our recently added accommodation options is Dartmoor Glamping. It sleeps four people and is perfect for families with children and pets. Also, the caravan can be used as a base for exploring nearby Dartmoor or simply relaxing in the surrounding garden.

3. Glamping on the Farm

Suppose you want a farm experience while glamping. For example, you can ride around the fields and see how your breakfast is grown or buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, it is a great place for birdwatching or just walking around to stretch your legs.

4. Accommodation for Groups and Families

Have a large family or a group of friends? We can accommodate from six to eight people. While staying in our lovely surroundings, you can enjoy cooking in the small kitchen or sit outside on the porch and take in the surrounding beauty.

5. Glamping Huts for Couples

The shepherd’s hut also offers two twin beds, ideal for couples who don’t want to be too close to each other and want a romantic getaway. Our Dartmoor Glamping accommodation option can also provide a fun experience for children; they may even receive bedtime stories from their parents.

What Can You Do Around Dartmoor Glamping?

1. Bone Fire Pit

It’s a great place to enjoy the evening with your friends and family. You can roast marshmallows, cook sausages over the fire, and enjoy drinks.

2. The Barns

We have two barns where we host events for couples who wish to celebrate their wedding or special occasions in a woodland setting. At Dartmoor Glamping, we are passionate about the outdoors and believe transforming your wedding into a barn is the best way to do it. It is about celebrating your love with nature’s beauty as your backdrop.

3. The Hot Tub

Relax in the hot tub under the stars and gaze at the moonlight; it is a great experience for couples who want to enjoy each other’s company. We recommend it for a romantic evening.

4. The View

The place is surrounded by rolling hills, making it difficult to see where the farm ends and where Dartmoor begins. However, it truly is an amazing view, especially when you get up early to admire the sunrise.

5. Cycling

For the more energetic visitors, we have a wide range of bikes for adults and children. You can cycle around the farm to see the livestock or take in more of Dartmoor Glamping’s beauty.

6. Hiking

The rural area is great for hiking because it gives you more time with nature. You can explore its beauty on foot or even better on a bike as you go through some of its beautiful trails at your own pace.


We at Dartmoor Glamping offer you a relaxing and memorable experience. Our accommodation options and activities are there to make your stay memorable, especially if you are looking for a rustic touch in the English countryside. We hope your farm vacation will be amazing, so don’t miss out on our offers and book yours today at +44 (0)1822 890 189.

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