Bling’s top ten football players

The Footy Boots Top 10 Bling list shows players who want to match their football boots with their cars, watches and women: shiny, shiny and shiny!

Who wears his Bling as a badge of honor and who is the first god of Bling? Only our list can tell you which boots add decay and richness – so let the Bling Begin! Arsenal midfielder Dixon was charged a fee for wearing Brook’s football boots (a skill known as “ball boots”), but in his first match, he scored the highest goal when he gave his goalkeeper Seaman of up to 30 yards. . Hopefully Bling is important. Dixon pointed out that sometimes players glow in front of everyone!

Lionel Messi – The Next Big Baling

Best known as the next Maranon, Messi is playing for Barcelona, ​​but it has been rumored that Inter Milan have offered a transfer of 71 million pounds, which could see his Bring rise to World Bling!

Stan Bowles – Lord of the Beings

The 70-year-old Derrick player, who desperately tried to get double sponsorship by wearing both Gol and asides football boots in the 1978 England-Netherlands match and bluing-tactical model.

Alan Boora – Vintage Blind


The 60 -year -old became the first player to wear white football boots at the start of the 1970/77 season. Hummel made them, but he didn’t like football. Fortunately, it will rain until one day. And black entered. I wasn’t happy to look at Hummel, the rep saw what I did, so I said goodbye to these two. ”

Frank Lamped – Blind Kong!

Wear select Adidas Predator shoes with the team name and number sewn on them. Unconfirmed reports say that means Lamprey knows what football boots he owns. We can confirm that the stories that Lombard also has an “L” and “R” sewn on his football boots are of course wrong, as Frank knew his right and left for several months.

Dyirbal Cuisse – Bluing of Many Colors

In a competition that didn’t shoot Cases when he was playing for Liverpool, he came out with strangely colored shoes. He switched after half an hour to make a suitable pair, but made lime green soccer shoes. She can easily change the color of her hair like a box of soccer balls. He promotes it on the field using a Hummer H2 with a Louis Button interior.

Francesco Totti – Mr. Bling


After the World Cup final, Dilator designed the Maxim us Italia Gold Special Limited Edition football boot, the all-time World Cup gold winner, which, when worn, must be checked behind the window to avoid excessive glare and dazzling.

George Best – Billing’s godfather

He was the best player of his generation and, as the first football player, he set the standard for modern players in many ways. The “George Best” Styli football boot looks like a bowling shoe with white stripes from head to toe. His lifestyle on champagne and Bluing’s love of football disappeared, shortening his career.

Ronaldinho – Prince of Blind

Ronaldinho has two special pairs of football boots with eight 24-carat gold and 24-carat gold stamped with the Nike logo. The football boots have the gold letter “R” and the number ten, the shirt that Ronaldinho wore in Barcelona, ​​while the heel of the nba중계 was decorated with five gold stars in honor of winning the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

 David Beckham – Being King

I pay him up to £ 600 per pair and he brings a new pair into the game. Adidas has only made 723 pairs and in its size alone. He even has fangs shoo signs sewn into his football boots to improve his football performance.

The character he helped was firmly rooted in David’s interest in the mystical culture of the East, saying, “I’m very proud to wear those football boots because they represent the concept of yin and yang.”

They chose to sew the names of her three children, the first, her favorite number 23 and Beckham’s signature printed the last Bling factor.