Best Indian Home Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Best Indian Home Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Home remedies for erectile dysfunction cure the problem permanently. Home remedies remove weakness that emerges to give rise to erection issues. Home remedies often involve the use of spices, food items, and fruits to increase blood circulation and increase libido.

Erectile dysfunction curbs the erection of a male. There could be several reasons behind erection weakness. Generally, the majority of cases emerge from poor blood circulation, low libido, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Home remedies are effective for all males from all age groups. Males who are currently suggested Generic Levitra 60 mg a higher dose by doctors, can lower the need for a higher dose with home remedies.

Home Remedies

Effective home remedies

Home remedies include incorporating new lifestyle changes with diet and exercise regimen. The use of herbs like Ginseng, Shilajit, Gingko, etc also is required under home remedies to hasten the treatment process.

Avoid sedentary life

A sedentary lifestyle clots the blood and reduces blood circulation. It increases the chances of obesity and related diseases. The fatigue syndrome and low energy is a manifestation of a sedentary lifestyle. Start with simple stretching yoga poses. Increase exercises to get more benefits in form of weight reduction, more stamina, and more energy. Make sure that exercises are part of your daily routine. Or, at least three times a week, you can perform them. The benefit from exercises will be depending on how regular you are with them.

Bridge pose

It is a yoga pose that strengthens the back, glutes, and hamstrings and stretches hip flexors and thighs with increased flexibility of the spine. It also calms the mind. It is a simple and effective way to cure erection issues.

In this pose, the midsection of the body is lifted off ground by resting on shoulders and feet. The hands should touch the feet if possible. Or you can also make a fist and keep it beneath the lifted mid-portion of the body. Inhale and exhale normally. Press your shoulders and feet to lift the midsection of the body. Only the head, shoulders, and feet should be on the ground. Breathe in and out normally. Keep your gaze straight towards the lifted abdomen.

Remain in the lifted position for at least 5 seconds. Come back and relax before going for another lift. Gradually increase the duration of exercise to get the benefits. The males with bridge pose notice increased blood flow towards the pelvic area, which holds the male organ. One month of daily practice improves blood circulation to cure erectile issues.

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Change food habits

Spice up your food items with pepper to put fire to blood circulation with cayenne pepper. The capsaicin in cayenne pepper tones up arteries to facilitate blood flow which cures erectile dysfunction. The spice is used both in cooking and salads. Fruits such as citrus fruits, dry fruits, nuts, watermelon, and pomegranate keep blood passage smooth. The nitric oxide in watermelon and pomegranate perform the same function as Sildenafil citrate 200mg dose. The blood vessels are relaxed to increase blood flow to cure erectile difficulties.

Take Vitamin B7 diet for enhanced Libido

Legumes, wheat flour, nuts, oranges, apples, cauliflower, dark chocolate, egg, non-vegetarian food, such as liver, kidney, and pork are considered vitamin B 7 complex diet. Deficiency of B 7 diet, leads to blood sugar issue, poor appetite, anemia, depression, muscle pain, and constant fatigue. These effects lower libido, and desire for an intimate session. The result is erectile dysfunction. To increase the intake of the B7 diet. Take the food items to overcome vitamin B7 deficiency rather than depending on supplements.

Invest in the relationship

Relationship issues are dominating the cause of erectile dysfunction in younger males. The major issue is lack of trust and emergency of distrust between couples. Lack of communication between couples gives rise to distrust and misunderstanding. A female partner thinks that her male partner is no more interested in her. The same feeling the male partner holds. Give the same time and attention to the relationship which you used to do in the early days of the relationship.

Take time out to move out of the city for a couple of days. Mark out time when no business or work-related issue disturbs your time with the partner. These simple steps will reignite the spark and encourage you to focus on your intimate life.


Home remedies are proven methods to cure erectile dysfunction permanently. Home remedies are simple steps you take without going out of your way. Just ensure certain food items, some form of exercise, and a relaxed mind through warm relations with the partner to get lifelong benefits in terms of health, mental wellbeing, and improved intimate life.


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