Benefits of Massage in Babies and Children

Benefits of Massage in Babies and Children

Infant massages are ancient! In some cultures, massages for babies and children have become a tradition that is passed down from generation to generation due to the benefits obtained from this practice. The tradition of infant massage is deeply rooted in the East, two good examples being India and China.

In India they massage the baby’s naked body with warm vegetable oils, always keeping the mother close. In traditional medicine hospitals in China, massages are given, which are called, to treat different pathologies such as fever, vomiting, etc. of the kids. In China, they include the practice of infant massages within the programs of children’s schools, where the children are the ones who apply the massages.

At Matown, on this occasion, we wanted to rescue this tradition to tell you about the importance that massages acquire in children. And it is that giving a small massage more or less continuously helps their correct physical and mental development. The health of the baby or child will improve substantially, the nervous system is stimulated and the 안마 cause relaxation and fill them with positivity and confidence.

In addition, when applied, they nourish them affectively through the skin and stimulate their sense, which improves the bond established between the child and their parents. Massages benefit both the child and the parents who give it!

Benefits of massage in children:

  • Improves intestinal transit and relieves stomach discomfort: it helps colic, constipation, gas, as well as any pain derived from this.
  • It contributes to its relaxation since it reduces stress in the child: it helps the child to relax and not suffer stress, since stress hormones are reduced and relaxing ones increase.
  • Helps to fall asleep: by increasing relaxation, the child can sleep more deeply and for a longer time.
  • It connects you emotionally with your child: it favors the creation of much closer ties with the people who give them the massages. Greater and better communication is generated.
  • Stimulates muscle development: massages stimulate the muscle development of the legs and arms so that you do not have any mobility problems since it favors toning and relaxation.
  • Improves neural connections by stimulating cognitive development: the myelination process is enhanced and this causes a better development of neural connections.
  • Promotes their social integration: it accustoms them to receiving stimuli and contact with other people, helping them with their social skills.

Benefits of infant massage for parents and educators:

As we have already mentioned, giving your child a massage is as beneficial for the child as it is for the person giving it. Parents who frequent this practice with their children since they are babies show a closer relationship and bond with the child and greater trust over time. Getting in touch with him through massages helps to understand him much better, to get to know closely the signals he gives and that many times we do not know how to interpret properly.

It also encourages increased self-esteem and improves attachment and the skills of parents and educators.

The best environment to give a good massage:

In order for the massage to have its effect and to take place in the best possible way, a suitable environment must be created and for this we leave you the following characteristics:

The light in the room has to be delicate. It is better not to focus directly.

The temperature should be high, approximately 24 degrees and if ambient music is used much well as it will promote greater relaxation.

It is important that the person who is going to give the massage is also completely relaxed because if he is tense he would not be able to transmit the relaxation that we are looking for the child.

It is recommended that massages for children be carried out with vegetable oils, of biological origin and cold pressed. They do not have to have an odor and of course these oils must be of high quality.

A good time to give him the massage would be after his bath as long as the little one is comfortable and not stiff. He is the one who has to lend him to us doing the massage.

What is the proper technique for massaging children?

In this section we are going to explain very clearly how you can massage your children yourself.

The movements of the hands have to be from the inside out, always making the movement firmly. All movements must be done at a constant and smooth rhythm.

The massage should start in the chest and then move towards the arms. Then we go to the little hands, stretching the fingers carefully and we do the same with the feet and the little fingers.

It is also good to massage your stomach, for this we slide our fingers in the direction of the gut. This massage is very good for gassy babies.

Finally, we can finish the massage on his back, from the center of it to the ends, just as we did on his chest.

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