An Introduction to Free Zones in the UAE

Free Zones

Its critical position and 0% assessment method attract hundreds of investors and businesses globally and domestically. Whether you need to expand your current business or start a new one, the UAE provides a fast-paced business market.

Aside from the key benefits provided by the emirates, the ‘free zones’ are another reason why the UAE is rapidly becoming a global financial power to be reckoned with.

The notion of a free zone drew numerous enterprises in 2021, and analysts predict that it will do so again in 2022. Shuraa’s company development subject specialists, on the other hand, can help new financial investors choose the best and cheapest free zone in UAE.

What is a Free Zone?

As the name implies, free zones are low-cost zones for enterprises in the UAE. Each streamlined trade zone is distinguished by a wide scope within the emirate in question.

It is critical to understand that each free zone has its unique set of rules and procedures that firms and investors must follow. The goal of free zones is to spark new business opportunities by providing benefits such as 100 percent corporate ownership.

With over 40 free zones in the UAE, many of which are organized based on commercial activities, it is critical to appreciate your organization’s necessities before settling on the free zone in the UAE.

Many businesses think they can ignore little aspects such as trademark and brand registration. However, they need a trademark registration consultant UAE to ensure their business safety.


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Benefits of Free Zone

Businesses must understand the benefits of doing business in the UAE before seeking for opportunities. Here is a list of the advantages.

Complete ownership

This is one of the most significant advantages provided by free zones. Every company wishes to be a sole owner. A business or an investor in a free zone can have complete ownership without the assistance of the UAE.

Exemptions from corporate and personal taxes

The duty plan is arguably the most obvious reason for establishing a company in the UAE. You may be able to obtain the most basic free zone permit in Dubai, since free zones exempt you from all individual and company expenses.

Simple Process

Obtaining a free zone permit in Dubai is a simple process. However, as previously said, each zone has its own set of regulations and procedures for the business, therefore procedural structure may differ depending on the type of business. To understand the registration process, you can hire a trademark registration consultant in UAE.

Duty-free import and export

The UAE authorities exempt business owners from paying import and product tariffs, and there are no money administrative cutoff points.

Governmental assistance

Because of its strong structure, the UAE government is unusually receptive and attentive to advanced businesses. The free zone authorities assist new enterprises in obtaining a free zone permit in Dubai and hence.

Free zone areas

AMC: This free zone attracts projects from all over the world by offering simple and low-cost administrations. It also provides Flexible workrooms and small shared work areas.

SHAMS: Sharjah fosters a dynamic and expanding environment for aspirant companies. Having said that, SHAMS is now one of the most fantastic free zones for both new and established businesses.

RAK: RAK is well-known for its adaptable stockroom layouts. Depending on your organization’s requirements, you can select between low, medium, or high-limit warehouses.


We hope this blog will help you understand the business establishment process in the cheapest free zone in UAE. If you have any questions or queries, comment below.

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