AA Meetings in Wisconsin & 5 Stages of Alcoholism: Which Stage Are You in?

AA Meetings in Wisconsin & 5 Stages of Alcoholism: Which Stage Are You in?

As per a survey, around one-third of Americans show Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) at some point in their lives. Do you know alcohol is one of the most misused drugs in America? And because alcohol affects the brain, the problem can become complicated with time, leading to addiction. 

AA meetings in Wisconsin help alcoholics address their problems and fight addiction successfully. Their 12-step program has changed many lives for the better. If you are aware of your problem and wish to quit drinking, feel no shy in attending one of the meetings, which could prove to be life-changing for you. 


Who is more at risk of becoming an alcohol addict?

  • People who start drinking early in life are more prone to becoming addicts. 
  • A study reveals a link between genetic makeup and alcoholism. Some people are just more prone to getting addicted. 
  • Drinking habits are influenced by family environment, peer group. And certain circumstances in life, and the person’s ability to handle them.
  • Mental disorders like anxiety, depression, and other emotional instability can trigger alcoholism. 
  • Research shows that men are more prone to becoming alcohol addicts than women. Maybe because men are more likely to keep their emotions bottled up and they need “support.” 


Well, whether you are a man or a woman, AA meetings are for everybody who has ‘fallen’ into alcoholism and wishes to rise. It is for people who desire to quit drinking. 


Stages of alcoholism

Medical researchers have classified AUD into 5 stages. This will help you detect the severity of your alcoholism. 


Stage 1 – Occasional misuse or binge drinking

This happens usually when you are new to alcohol and tend to exceed the limit. 


Stage 2 – Increased drinking

 You start drinking more frequently. Drinks become a part of your parties, hangouts, and other events. 


Stage 3 – Problem drinking

 You don’t know how and when you slipped into this stage. You need a drink daily. You can’t do without it now. 


Stage 4 – Alcohol dependence: You can, no longer, say ‘no’ to alcohol. You have developed tolerance and need more amount. You like to get drunk and even stay that way. 


Stage 5 – Alcohol addiction

 You get strong cravings and withdrawal symptoms when you miss a drink. Now, alcohol is not a want, it is a need for you. Alcohol controls you. 


Many people realize. At stage 5 what they have gotten into. But it seems too late because. Their mind and body are addicted to alcohol. Now they must drink to survive. 


Although it seems too late, it is not. If you want to stop drinking, but can’t, worry not. Local AA meetings in your area can help you find your sober self. 


All you must do is attend the meetings regularly, follow the 12 steps of AA religiously, and be consistent in your efforts. Believe in yourself. 


Along with this, use the Sobriety Calculator to keep count of your sober days. Going sober for days together is an achievement for an alcoholic. Know the accurate count of days so that you continue to add in your sober days. 


For more information about AA meetings in Wisconsin, visit https://www.aa-meetings.com/aa-meeting-location/wisconsin/ today. 


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