A Comprehensive Guide on Spamdexing in SEO

A Comprehensive Guide on Spamdexing in SEO

Some websites choose a black hat and white hat SEO techniques to optimize their websites. Some of the black hat SEO activities are acceptable to some extent, but they become spam when overused.

Google search engines identify this spam, de-rank a website, and remove that website from the search results. Websites need to be careful while optimizing their websites and opt for optimization techniques that are acceptable and genuine. Opting for black hat SEO will result in your website’s bad position and reduce website traffic instead of increasing it.

Keep scrolling this article to know the type of spam that the website uses to track and dodge the search engines and have a bad website ranking.

What is spamdexing?

Spamdexing is a combination of two words spam and indexing. It is a bad SEO practice that website use to index their websites using techniques that are spam. Search engines are becoming smarter with the evolution of the algorithms, and they are quick and smart enough to recognize these spamming activities. To avoid spamdexing, you must know the tricks to develop unique and creative content for your website and know how to backlink your website for ranking.

Top 2 types of spamdexing

There are usually many ways websites use to deceive search engines. One of them is through spammed content, and the other is through links which we call link spamming. Other ways of spamdexing are the DOS attacks, DDOS, and spider bots.

The following few paragraphs will help you understand these two types of spamming and what are their sub-types.

Content spamming – Content spamming is the type of spamming that uses spammed content to trick the search engines. There are various ways to generate spammed content which we will discuss in the later paragraphs. One of the reasons for better page ranking is your website contents, and failure to have poor content will lead to poor page optimizations. 

Organizations or businesses usually consult the best SEO services Dubai based companies to implement white hat SEO techniques and generate quality content for their website.

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Following are some of the ways to create spammed content that you must avoid for optimizing the content.

1. Keyword stuffing 

Using an excessive amount of keywords in your content is known as keyword stuffing. Using keywords in your article is one way to optimize your websites, but using too many keywords is a bad practice, or more precisely, it is a black hat SEO technique that search engines hate.

2. Content scraping 

Content scraping is a method in which websites steal other relevant websites’ content and share it on their websites as their content. Plagiarizing content is one of the biggest spam, and web crawlers will be quick enough to identify your plagiarized content resulting in penalties.

3. Auto-generated content

Some sites tend to generate content for your website. Auto-generated content is not effective in page ranking as this type of content will provide no necessary information or sense to the user. The only thing that this auto-generated content will have is the keyword.

4. Link spamming

Generating spammed links and links that are not authentic is known as link spamming. Backlinks are crucial for your website to rank, and your website will have higher positions in SERP if the links they have are authentic. The website uses many black hat SEO techniques to generate spammed links.

Following are some of the ways through which websites generate links, and they count as spammed links.

5. Paid links

Websites pay huge amounts to people or another website to provide them with a considerable number of backlinks. Getting paid links is not a bad practice but getting thousands of links to your website in a single day is spam. Generating a single quality backlink takes plenty of time, and getting thousands and hundreds of authentic links in a single day is impossible.

6. Reciprocal links 

It is a link generation method in which two websites host each other website links and direct their user to the other website. Opting for this technique is acceptable, but using this technique to direct the user to irrelevant websites is spam. 

7. Low-quality links

A single quality backlink is better than hundreds of low-quality backlinks. Generating low-quality backlinks using black hat SEO techniques is spam, and search engines based on these low-quality backlinks will de-rank your webpage.

Rank your websites using good and acceptable SEO techniques!

For website rankings, it is always important to follow the guidelines provided by the search engines and avoid methods that are unacceptable by these search engines. Using black hat SEO methods will generate your traffic and page ranking for some time, but once these search engines identify any spammed activity, they will de-rank your website, or they can also remove you from the search result list. That is why you must take expert help to implement SEO techniques to your website.


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