A Complete Guide on Perfect Dissertation Writing

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When you reach the point of dissertation writing, you are almost at the ending of your academic life. That is the time when you have to make a gracious exit and start your practical life. But what is the point of dissertation writing… The purpose is to demonstrate your skills and capacity of conducting fair research on your selected discipline and to present the outcomes through some original piece of content that will provide solid grounds to the academic and scientific community. You can always make your dissertation writing process an interesting one and prepare an interesting thesis paper that has not been published anywhere.

Your mindset plays a crucial role in your dissertation writing. Think of it in the way that you can always acquire thesis help if you still don’t manage to write your thesis paper after following these dissertation writing guidelines.

This writing guide will be useful for both; undergraduate and Ph.D. students, who are onto the preparation of their dissertation writing project along with the students who are preparing their thesis for their master’s programs.

Why thesis writing is difficult for the students?

The majority of the students start with great enthusiasm normally, but they soon get demotivated with their thesis writing project. The main reason behind their early demotivation is the process of planning, researching, and writing; this is the most challenging part that you have ever committed to. You should keep in mind that you will have to go through several obstacles to attain your objective but your result will be rewarding if you have properly invested your efforts in the right direction. Following are some most common problems that students face during their dissertation writing:

Useless Delays

The students normally think that there is plenty of time to start their dissertation writing and keep on delaying the work on their thesis project. This is one of the major issues as those students have to face a lot of stress when the deadline is approaching.

Lack of Planning and Research

Students who do not have any experience in academic writing think that they just have to gather few relevant resources and collect some relevant quotes from them. That is not the way of doing planning and research; you need to analyze the material you have collected thoroughly and discuss them in your thesis writing paper.

Lack of Writing Skills

Your dissertation writing paper should follow the strict rules of academic writing. You are always free to choose unusual dissertation titles but you should not have the liberty to deviate from the format, style, and language. You should also make sure that you have implemented the right citation guidelines.

However, you can always prepare a perfect dissertation if you overcome all these common problems properly. 

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Dissertation writing guidelines

Thesis writing may seem to be an exciting challenge. We are going to list down a few tips that can make your dissertation writing task seem like something you can do. Gradually, you will head in the right direction upon following these guidelines to write a perfect dissertation.

Writing a winning dissertation proposal

A dissertation proposal is what makes the committee members understand that you are going to address interesting, valuable, and complex questions in your thesis write-up. Although it is a shorter paper as compared to your final thesis paper, it is of great importance because this is the point when you will be thinking of questions with greater significance and you will prepare a plan for information assembling and writing the paper. You should always prepare the proposal and discuss the points with your mentor even if it is not a mandatory document in your university. 

Always conduct an effective research

The research phase of your dissertation writing process is going to determine the overall development of your writing project. Your research process should have to be methodical and effective because it is of no use to waste your time in reading and analyzing irrelevant resources. We suggest you a few tips that will help you go through it:

  • Make a proper timeline for your research phase.
  • Explore the right places to find relevant sources.
  • Last but not least, effectively organize all of your resources.

Write a perfect dissertation

This is the most important phase of your dissertation writing process. You will have to prepare the actual project and this will be the outcome of all your efforts including the initiation step, planning, research, and writing. It is of great surprise that many students have some level of confidence during the previous two phases of the thesis writing process, but they soon get frustrated when they realize that they don’t know how to write a perfect dissertation. At this point, you need to remember that you have already done a great job to reach this point, so you will have to proceed further. Everything is quite easy when you have a proper plan in place. Make a basic outline that will help you write the dissertation easily.

Plagiarism Check

Dissertation Editing and Proofreading

You feel like you are done when you figure out writing your thesis properly. Most of the students assume that editing and proofreading is an easy task that they can easily cover just right before they deliver the project. Never do it. Editing and proofreading take much of your time so keep yourself committed to your project unless it is 100% accomplished.

Do take some time away from your project and never jump onto the editing and proofreading phase just right after you have completed writing your first draft. Make sure to have a break of some days between the writing phase and editing & proofreading phase. You will surely be able to notice most of its flaws when you come back to it.

Collect Feedback

You need to collect some feedback before you submit your dissertation project to the committee. Look for a friend, a colleague, or someone who knows this discipline. Ask about their suggestions and opinions for improvement. Then, discuss with your supervisor and collect feedback. He will point out your weak points and will possibly suggest you finalize your document before getting yourself ready for the presentation. 


The process of dissertation writing is a great challenge and not all of the students are capable of coping up with thesis write up. But you need to keep in mind that you can’t quit after coming this far in your studies. Tackle your thesis writing project properly at each phase, one after the other. This will help you accomplish the most crucial goal of your academic journey. 

Do not allow anyone to make you think that thesis writing is easy. It is not! Thesis writing can be one of the most challenging, lengthy, and time-consuming projects that you will ever encounter. However, you can’t skip it just as it is the tip of the iceberg in your academic journey; the last step that will open the doors to the career that you have imagined. All you will need is dedication, motivation, and proper guidance.


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