6 Interesting Facts About Vipassana Practice That Will Stun You

6 Interesting Facts About Vipassana Practice That Will Stun You

Vipassana meditation is not just seeing the things inside. It’s also seeing the seer!

                                                                                                                      ~ Amit Ray

Vipassana meditation is one of the ancient mediations in India. Very few people know Vipassana meditation in real life.

For beginners, given below are 6 surprising facts about Vipassana meditation.

Vipassana meditation retreats happen all over the world. In the Vipassana meditation retreats, you can learn vipassana for free. A free-of-cost 10-day meditation retreat happens all around the globe. It’s a golden opportunity for curious learners. You get free accommodation and vegetarian meals thrice a day. Participants need to abide by the rules and code of conduct of the Vipassana retreat. This retreat is nothing short of a spectacular experience!

  • Vipassana meditation has its origin in India

It might be astonishing to see that not all are aware of  Vipassana meditation in India. Instead, they raise their eyebrows on hearing topics like this. It’s sad and ironic to see that a country, once known for its spiritual powers and heritage now considers it a myth.

  • 74 Vipassana Centers in India And 168 Centers Globally

The first vipassana center became operational in 1974 in Igatpuri, Maharashtra. You’ll find it in the serene beauty of the Western Ghats. Also called Dhamma Giri, it’s the first official center by SN Goenka. Since then, the number has increased to 168 centers all around the world. Furthermore, vipassana students conduct meditation sessions at 129 non-centers as well.

  • Kiran Bedi Did Vipassana Course First Time in the Jail

Known as an inspiration, Kiran Bedi conducted the first Vipassana camp in jail. It was for the people in Tihar jail. She conducted the 10-day course in 1994. SN Goenka started calling her ‘Karuna Bedi’ after this. Her compassion to uplift the lives of prisoners sets the right example for humankind.

  • Gautam Buddha Attained Enlightenment 2500 Years Ago Through Vipassana Meditation

Gautam Buddha was the one who rediscovered the technique of  Vipassana meditation. While searching for enlightenment, he came across this technique. The technique of  Vipassana meditation was further passed on to his disciples. This helped millions of people spiritually.

  • Beware! No, There’s Nothing To Beware of!

No, there’s nothing to fear about  Vipassana meditation. You’re not going to turn into a monk overnight with  Vipassana meditation. It’s time to let go of the rumors spreading about  Vipassana practice. There’s a misconception among many that it’s a religious practice for Buddhists. That’s far from the truth.  Vipassana meditation is a tool for anyone looking to improve his/her life. If you want to peek inside your inner self or awaken your higher soul, that’s it. Vipassana meditation is a practice you must consider.

It’s a mindful practice that raises your consciousness.

And, remember not to make an excuse of time. If you don’t have time for your soul, there’s no point finding time for anything else!



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