6 Awesome Tips to Run a Background Check Before Getting Married

6 Awesome Tips to Run a Background Check Before Getting Married

So, you have found a match online (sorry, your family did!!) and now you’re getting married sometime soon? But you’re a tad jittery as you don’t know the potential suitor well, neither have met him/her in person and all this is making you a bundle of nerves. And you’re desperate to know that dude/gal before actually tying the knot else there might a whole lot of compatibility issues in your married life. 

Worry not as you can easily run a background check on that person (and for that, say thanks to the internet) and find more information than you could bargain for. And if that’s enough, there are always top sleuths of India to consult and seek professional help on the matter. But make sure you do some sort of pre matrimonial investigation to avoid all those sob stories most could face in their married life.  

Here are some really awesome tips to run a background check before getting hitched – 

Dig the internet up 

If you have some spare time and you want to waste it on knowing something about anybody, the internet is right there to be your own detective for marriage. Just type in the name of that person or their email ID and you will be presented with all the websites and social sites and forums your special someone so frequently visits. Those sources can help you check their footprints, like the type of comments they do and their opinion on a host of issues.

Check out the social networking platform 

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Everyone is on social sites these days. While some are hooked to Facebook sharing their life’s personal details, some love flaunting their picks on Instagram, some love airing their views on Twitter and those professional types just show off LinkedIn connections. Even matrimonial detectives forage these sites a lot so you can’t you. Who knows you might end up getting some common friends, or some handy information about your Mr. or Ms. Perfect. 

Talk to someone from their social circle    

Trying to know someone better is never a bad thing and when your intention is noble, it makes more sense. And when the internet and social sites don’t help much, you can always take your pre-marriage investigation task to the real world and may try to talk to someone from the social circle of that person. You may chat up with the neighbors or strike up sweet conversations with the security guard of their apartment if nothing else works.

Seek inputs from the workplace 

A person’s workplace can be a minefield in terms of solid information but only if you know how to dig that up in a sensitive manner. Office guys or those in the admin always help as long as the information sought is not breaching their security concerns. They are fine with parting with general enquires such as the designation of the person, their profile and sometimes, also about their salary. Even a matrimonial detective agency will take the same route, you needn’t worry a bit. 


Take professional help 

If nothing of the above works, you should then think of getting professional help for a marriage investigation. There are tons of detective agencies doing a background check for marriage and giving great results. You can easily trust one of them and be sure about getting the kind of information that you seek or you deserve in a true sense. A lot of families have trusted matrimonial investigation services and there is no reason why you can’t. 


Running a background check for marriage all by yourself is a great idea as this will make sure that you have done some sort of pre matrimonial investigation and thus risks are going to be less in terms of marrying someone you have not ever in person. 

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