5 Facebook Messenger features you must know (5th is a secret one)

5 Facebook Messenger features you must know (5th is a secret one)

If you use Facebook Messenger, these tips are for you. This social platform’s messaging application has several tricks that you can use to your advantage when chatting with someone about this application.

And in each update, just like in WhatsApp, new functions and features are added that make chatting on Messenger much more attractive. And although this platform is used more for short messages, some use it to have pleasant and long conversations.

The application has its improvements. Like WhatsApp, it also offers voice messages, stickers, emojis, document delivery, delivery location, among other things that can be very useful and an alternative to other applications that may be in the Play Store or AppStore.

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1. Put nicknames in Messenger.

One of Messenger’s functions is to put “nicknames” within the application, where you can change the name of the user you speak with as you want. You can simplify your name or give it a nickname that identifies the user.

Give your Messenger contacts a nickname. 

To do this, we must enter the chat, select the username, select nicknames, and write the name you want.

2. Change the color of the chat

In Messenger, you can also change the chats’ theme color, and you can select from endless colors that only personalize your choice conversation.

Colors available for Messenger themes

To perform this action, you must enter the chat, select options, then theme, and select the theme or color you want to put.

3. Block messages but not the person

Facebook gives you the option to block a person from Messenger messages since being a separate application, so to speak, has more benefits, which is one of them. Once you block them from Messenger, the person can no longer send you messages but can see your profile and what you share.

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4. Activate the secret conversation

On Facebook, for a long time, you can create a secret conversation, and this has different options in which other people will not have access and will not be able to see what you send to others through this option.

To activate a secret conversation, you must follow these steps:

  • Enter the Messenger application
  • Select a conversation
  • Select “Go to the secret conversation.”
  • A new chat will open so you can share whatever you want without anyone else seeing it other than you and the other person.

5. Dark mode

This is one of the most secret options in Messenger. Facebook realized how annoying (and insane) it’s like in the white light on your face at night and created this. It is a function that presents the chats in inverted tones (white text on a black background), and protecting your eyes, allows you to save battery.

To activate it, send a crescent moon from any chat. You will see a shower of moons from top to bottom, and, from that moment, you will have the option “Dark mode” available in your settings.

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