2022 Live Streaming Trends To Watch For

2022 Live Streaming Trends To Watch For

Stories are on the decline, and other short formats are on the rise.

Instagram stories have dominated short video content for several years, but have been overtaken by TikTok and Instagram Reels themselves. The short answer to the Twitter story, LinkedIn Stories and Fleets, didn’t arrive in late 2021. What does this tell us? This short form of content can be huge (see Trend # 7), but it needs to be the right type of content to extract.

Social media users don’t watch videos just because they are short. They want a captivating and entertaining live video. The decline in stories and similar features on other platforms also indicates that viewers may be fed up with content with limited availability and video that disappears after 24 hours. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a major motivation for social media user habits.

Live shopping will change the customer experience

E-commerce livestreaming will grow in 2022. Although already in the spotlight, especially in China, many platforms plan to expand their live video shopping capabilities around the world. Social commerce (selling products directly on social media) is a huge market currently valued at $ 51.2 billion in the United States. The ability to combine shopping and livestreaming on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter heralds the arrival of a new era of in-stream shopping in 2022.

Live shopping is already changing the consumer experience. The brand works with influencers to help loyal audiences find, evaluate, and buy products in the same live session. Facebook and Instagram are planning to extend the integrated live shopping capabilities to make it easier for users to shop within the platform.

Live music streaming replaces traditional radio

Live music performances and DJ sets are gradually replacing traditional radio stations. Streaming live music was only successful when the pandemic virtualized the concert and 2022 was even bigger. Fans can interact intimately with their favorite artists and listen to high-quality radio programs.

Livestreaming giant Twitch has added its own category to its music channels due to the growing demand for live music streams. If you are a musician or working in the music industry, 2022 Livestreaming should definitely be on your radar.

Live sports broadcasts will replace television broadcasts

People always love watching live sports. But now, live sports broadcasts have replaced previous television 해외축구 중계사이트 and are more accessible. Like music events, sporting events had to take place virtually during a pandemic, and now the demand for live streaming sporting events is higher than ever.

At the 2021 Olympics, sports broadcasting have reached new heights around the world. At this Olympics, most countries actively participated in social media, with 170 countries posting about 67,000. About 10% of these posts were videos. In 2022, esports leagues and events will continue to be an important focus online, especially if you want to maintain the high participation levels seen in 2022.

Live collaboration with influencers promotes brand presence

Brands have understood the power of social media influencer marketing over the last few years. However, as live shopping becomes more popular and interest in livestreaming in general grows, businesses should also consider live video collaboration with influencers.

A deeper partnership with influencers will increase the brand’s social media presence in 2022. Live video content such as tutorials, product demos, interviews, behind-the-scenes videos, and unpacking are popular and easy for influencers to adopt. As influencer marketing advances, both brands and their ambassadors are looking for ways to engage with their target audience, and livestreaming is a natural solution.

Significantly improved stream resolution

Streaming at 4K resolution is not the standard for livestreaming because it uses an exorbitant amount of internet bandwidth … yet. With the global rollout of 5G, many Internet users will have access to the additional bandwidth needed to generate high quality 4K streams.

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